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Tangier Island Mission Trip

Thursday April 23 - Sunday April 26th

 Join us Thursday, April 23 - Sunday, April 26, 2020 for a mission trip to Tangier Island. Tangier Island, also known as the “Sinking Island,” is found in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. The island is home to about 500 locals, who have a strong lineage and connection to the island. The economy is dependent on a declining fishing industry. Which leaves many residents without the resources and income to maintain their homes. In our time on the island, we will be partnering with Swain Memorial United Methodist Church, to help restore some of the homes in the community. There will be many small construction projects (varying from repairing a small roof to mending and painting fences) and a small tree planting project to aid erosion on the island. Our team will be staying at the church and living the island life alongside the locals! 20 team members of all skill level are needed - sign up below!

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